COMING SOON! Estimated launch date: Summer 2020


Fearless Finances

A powerful & practical step-by-step guide to reach financial clarity & therefore more freedom in your business and in your life.


This book is for everyone who is running a small business – especially creative businesses. I have found that when you come from a creative background and start a business in photography, in wiring, in making cakes whatever really, mostly we come from a place of passion rather than business. Which is wonderful and how every single business venture should always start with anyways, but equally most of the time, when coming from a passion or a simple creative need to express yourself we then have to learn the business stuff of running a business, managing your finances, doing marketing and all that jazz in some way or form like a crash course. We simply have to learn everything by doing and it can sometimes feel very overwhelming to learn everything at once. You get pulled into all of these different directions and need to be an expert in all of them.

In short, this book is for any small business owner going through exactly this – having to play all of the different roles in their one-(wo)man band. With this book I’ve developed something to take you by the hand and help you become more efficient in your money management. And therefore, help you to ease the stress of being everything and everyone inside your business. With the help of this book you will have a blueprint at your finger tips to make sure you always know exactly what your financial situation is inside your business at any point in time. Sounds good? Let’s do this!


Quite simply, however you want to use it. You can either read it from cover to cover first and then start applying the practical steps and work through the exercises and all. Or alternatively, you may also do the exercises and work on your business alongside working through the book. 

At the end of the day it is totally up to you and to be honest I don’t really truly care about how you read through the book, just as long as you DO THE WORK! This is the most crucial thing of it all. Whether you read the book cover to cover or not, I just want to encourage you to TAKE ACTION.


I’ve written this book as I felt a deep need for creating something that will help other small business owners and especially creatives who might not have a business background and who struggle with the business side of running their creative businesses. I’ve been through it all myself and have had struggles in the past of managing my businesses in a clear and structured way. Especially the finances. I absolutely love my numbers, but when you have to wear so many hats in your business, it is easier said than done to do it all “perfectly” and to do it all how you know it actually needs to be done. But then one day a few years back, I had enough about this uncertainty of how “well” or not so well my business is doing. So I made it my mission to gain clarity surrounding my own financial business situation and with that I’ve noticed how much piece of mind and anxiety and even stress-levels were eased off. Just by knowing at any point in time how my finances are and where my business stands I was able to reduce my anxiety and stress levels, make better business decisions and in general get more sleep (true story!) and have fun in my business again.

This is my promise to you, my lovely. If you work your way through the book and implement everything that I suggest doing and dedicate a little bit of time every week towards your finances, you WILL gain clarity. And therefore I’m certain of it also reduce stress and axiety levels, have more time to dedicate to your craft and maybe even get a good night’s sleep again. Who knows. Let your mind wander of the endless possibilities of what you could do with your time once the worries surrounding your business finances has been lifted. Take a moment here and just take a deep breath and make a decision right now to do this. To take action and to dedicate this book to yourself. I;ve said it before, but will say it again. This book is not a quick fix. The financial freedom I keep referring to is NOT a scheme to make you rich faster. It is NOT here to help you with your sales, or how to get more clients. It also WON’T tell you how to be rich.


It will show you how to manage your money effectively and efficiently and how to know exactly where you stand at any point in time. It will help you understand where your business might have potential downfalls and get you to realise them ahead of time; before it is too late.

From this clarity point of view, you then can make clear and educated (and much better) business decisions about your strategies, your pricing, your profit margins (we will cover this in more detail in Chapter…) and how to mange your resources – aka your money. Equally it will show you ways to be more frugal and operate more effectively & efficiently. You can streamline your business and become leaner and stronger as a direct result of it. All of this, just by gaining clarity. Sounds amazing and too good to be true? Well it is not. Don’t just take my word for it… I will show you.