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Magdalena Mahdy The Audacious Babe

Photo by Eva Photography

Hello and welcome, my lovely audacious babe,

I’m Magdalena and I’m so happy that you are here and you’ve found your calling to create an amazing life by following your dreams and passions. Whoohoo!! Get yourself a glass of bubbly and let’s get started!

Born and raised in Germany, after completing my Bachelor (BSc) in International Business Economics with a major in marketing at the Universiteit in Maastricht, Netherlands in 2008 and working in the marketing & advertising industry for over 6 years, I’ve relocated to the UK in 2011 in the search for a new challenge; my passion for photography accompanied my entire life, and simply took over in 2013 when I’ve decided to setup and run my own photography business. Capturing the beauty in the moments during a wedding or when a new member of the family arrives brings me pure joy and love for life. With my relaxed documentary approach I’ve now shot over 100 weddings and won an international wedding photography award. Due to my business background and running my own successful photography business, the University of Essex has hired me on a freelance basis as a Student Business Mentor for any students who are interested in starting their own businesses (in any industry). I help and support them on their entrepreneurial journey, write and review business plans, hold several workshops throughout the year and get students ready for pitching (for funding). I absolutely love working with start-up students.

In 2017, I’ve decided to add yet another new adventure to my own personal book of life and that is the adventures of THE AUDACIOUS BABE and the accompanying podcast. I simply love working with other female photographers and helping them reach their own full potentials.

My personal mission is to bring the fabulous world of business closer to you – empowering, helping and inspiring you to live more meaningful and incredibly passionate lives, and profit from showing up for your dreams and making them a reality. It’s like having a cheerleading support squad by your side to help you grow a business that you love!

Be bold. Be fearless. Be audacious!


  • stuck in your business but just don’t know why?
  • you have this wonderful urge to setup a photography business and create a life of meaning but don’t know where to even begin?
  • you are not getting enough enquiries and/or bookings?
  • you are not reaching the right clients? 
  • intimidated by all the marketing efforts you know you have to do but don’t find the time nor are you sure whether it is effective?
  • you are all over the place with your finances and your accounting?
  • your prices are too high/too low and you just feel lost how to tackle this?
  • you have so much uncertainty about whether you are profitable?



  • reach more of those dream clients that understand you and your vision?
  • turn your passion into a business and start supporting yourself with it?
  • book more clients in general and have a full diary which makes your heart sing? 
  • have more clarity inside your business and see what works and what doesn’t?
  • understand your financial situation and whether you are operating profitable?

If any of the above, speak to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a newbie photographer or are already established, whether you’ve started from a hobby or have acquired a full on photography degree, we all need help from time to time. I am here for you. 



Magdalena Mahdy Mentoring

Photo by Eva Photography

I am super passionate about business and getting you to turn your own creativity and photography passion into proper full-time businesses that will let you live the lifestyle of your choice. Without the needed business knowledge, you are simply having an expensive hobby. So stop procrastinating and start living out loud your dreams, your visions, and your creativity! Simply imagine, the possibilities! Everything is possible. Can you see it?! Can you envision running a business of freedom, of clarity and one where most of the guess-work has been taken out? 


1:1 Mentoring

As this is certainly not a One-Size-Fits-All approach, all my business training and mentoring is currently only offered on a one-to-one basis – limited space available. That way we can make sure that whatever you ned help with will be assessed and customised to your individual business needs. The topics, we might cover, can include but are in no way limited to:

  • Getting Started: How to build your portfolio, how to get your first clients, how to set-up your business, best practices how to run your business, tips and tricks along the way…. 
  • Marketing & Social Media Strategies – helping you to reach more of your dream clients who love what you do, have a consistent brand message, build a marketing and social media plan for your business, best practices, time management and all that jazz….
  • Business Planning – really getting into the nitty gritty of your business and build an overall business strategy that suits your individual needs and creates that business you’ve always envisioned for yourself. 
  • Understanding Your Finances – 80% of all small businesses fail within the first 5 years of operation – don’t be a statistic. I will help you gain clarity around your current financial situation and where you’d like to be, always know exactly at any point in time where you stand with your finances and know whether you can “afford” to buy that brand new lens or grow your business to the next level. Identify and overcome any money blocks and limiting beliefs surrounding money….

… and so much more. 




Ready to be brave and make the change for you and your business? Then get in touch today and let’s chat. The first 30-min consultation session is ALWAYS obligation-free and totally free of charge! That is my promise to you! In that initial chat, we will meet with tea or coffee in hand over Skype/Zoom and simply get to know each other and shortly assess what areas you might need help in, where you might feel stuck and in general what I can help you with.

It’s an initial Clarity Call. 

From there, I will offer you a customised package that is totally unique to you and your needs for your businesses. I will then also give you a rough timeframe of how I’d suggest we work together, how often we should meet and so on. Every session will always end with some homework for you which we then review together at the beginning of the following session. All sessions are held via Skype/Zoom. 

Every customised package will always start with an assessment of your current business situation. This will be your first (and potentially your second) 60-90-min session(s) and you will need to come prepared in order to make best use of your time with me! (I will brief you of all of this once you have booked your package with me ;))


As the one-to-one mentoring packages are all unique and customised I can’t give you any specific pricing now, however as a general price guideline, one session (roughly 60-90 minuted long) costs £100 when booked as an individual session. When booked in a package deal of at least 5 sessions and paid upfront, this will be discounted.

(And don’t forget, included in this is ongoing support via email in-between sessions, plus prep time before each session as well as meeting notes and next steps after each session.)

Sounds good? Then get in touch…today! Eek! Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Are you ready to be fearlessly authentic
and make the change?

Then let's chat! Remember, the initial Clarity Call is obligation-free and free of charge. So, what are you waiting for?

Always remember:

Be bold. Be fearless. Be audacious!