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Hi, I’m Magdalena and I’m so happy that you are here.

Born and raised in Germany, after completing my Bachelor (BSc) in International Business Economics with a major in marketing at the Universiteit in Maastricht, Netherlands in 2008 and working in the marketing & advertising industry for over 6 years, I’ve relocated to the UK in 2011 in the search for a new challenge; my passion for photography accompanied my entire life, and simply took over in 2013 when I’ve decided to setup and run my own photography business. Capturing the beauty in the moments during a wedding or when a new member of the family arrives brings me pure joy and love for life. With my relaxed documentary approach I’ve now shot over 100 weddings and won an international wedding photography award. Due to my business background and running my own successful photography business, the University of Essex has hired me on a freelance basis as a Student Business Mentor for any students who are interested in starting their own businesses (in any industry). I help and support them on their entrepreneurial journey, write and review business plans, hold several workshops throughout the year and get students ready for pitching (for funding). I absolutely love working with start-up students.

In 2017, I’ve decided to add yet another new adventure to my own personal book of life and that is the adventures of THE AUDACIOUS BABE and the accompanying podcast. I simply love working with other female photographers and helping them reach their own full potentials.

My personal mission is to bring the fabulous world of business closer to female photographers – empowering, helping and inspiring them to live more meaningful and incredibly passionate lives, and profit from showing up for their dreams and making them a reality. It’s like having a cheerleading support squad by their side to help them grow a business that they absolutely love!


Business Topics (any industry):
      • Business Planning  (30-60min Talk or 60-120min Workshop)
      • Branding Strategy (30-60min Talk or >120min Workshop)
      • Marketing & Social Media Strategy (30-60min Talk or >120min Workshop)
      • Starting Your Own Business (any industry) (30-60min Talk or >120min Workshop)
      • Financial Management for Small Business Owners (30-60min Talk or >120min Workshop)
      • Finding Your WHY!
Photography Topics:
      • Wedding Photography (30-60min Talk or >120min Workshop)
      • Newborn Photography (30-60min Talk or >120min Workshop)
      • How to Start You Own Photography Business (30-60min Talk or >120min Workshop)
      • How To Build a Portfolio (30-60min Talk)
Mindset Topics:
  • Identifying and Overcoming Money Blocks (30-60min Talk)
  • Productivity Tips & Tools (30-60min Talk)
  • What Are Your Own Success Definitions/Let’s Set You Up For Success (30-60min Talk)
  • Tips On How To Deal With Stress & Anxieties When Running Your Own Business (30-60min Talk)
  • How To Deal With Negative Feedback (from clients) (30-60min Talk)


  • Networking Events
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Summits
  • Retreats


  • Several Workshops and Speaking for the University of Essex, 2017-2019, Colchester & Southend Campus, UK – including 2-day intensive Bootcamps, monthly workshops or networking events
  • Eastern Arc Start-Up Weekender, March 2019, near Norwich, UK – mainly about Business Planning using the Business Model Canvas Tool – approx. 30min
  • London Wedding Breakfast Club, August 2018, in London, UK – about “Profitability & Cashflow – the foundation for a healthy business” – approx. 90min
  • Essex Wedding Breakfast Club, March 2018, in Chelmsford, UK – about “Profitability & Cashflow – the foundation for a healthy business” – approx. 90min


Magdalena Mahdy Speaker at Phlock LivePHLOCK Live 2020 – 3-day all-female photography conference in Manchester, UK – March 2020 – During my 3x 60min “Gather” session at Phlock Live 2020, which is based on my upcoming book “FEARLESS FINANCES”, I will show you how to overcome your fears and anxieties around money, gain clarity and confidence in your current financial situation and, provide you with a few simple, easy-to-implement strategies that will lay the foundation to your financial freedom – knowing at any given point in time where you stand with your business finances. 

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